About us

Nordic Chefs Association (Nordisk Kökkenchef Federation, NKF) works together to promote chef's proffession through the Nordic Countries. NKF is politicaly neutral organisation where each of the Nordic Country is a member.

  • Unique cooperation between five Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Island, Norway and Finland).
  • The purpose is ensure that Nordic Cuisine stays strong.
  • Promotes chefs profession through the Nordic Countries.
  • Promotes Nordic Countries in World Assiociation of Chefs Socities (World Chefs).
  • Be united on competitions arenas and work together to make sure all the Nordic countries are strongly represented as judges in international competitions
  • Secure that Nordic competitions always develop and become an attractive competition to take part in.
  • Work to let all members in all the Nordic Countries know NKF and what we do
  • Be an important organisation for it`s members. Build up, support and take care of it’s memebers
  • Develope NKF`s congress to be a great congress with discussions and solutions
  • Secure that our sponsors get something back and are pleased.