Nordic Chefs Association (Nordisk Kökkenchef Federation, NKF) works together to promote chef's proffession through the Nordic Countries. NKF is politicaly neutral organisation where each of the Nordic Country is a member.


  • Innovating
  • Competent
  • Solution orientated
  • Cooperation across the borders
  • Build each other up, and support each other
  • Take care of each other

«NKF is an organisation with strong personalities. The board shall look foreward, and secure our support for each other.»

Cooperation with World Chefs

  • Nordic Chefs Association promotes the Nordic Countries and spekas united toward World chefs.
  • Have Nordic stand i Luxembourg and Erfurt
  • Pull together to have Nordic canditades in the right positions in World chefs.

Strategic focus areas

  • Together have a louder voice towards World chefs
  • Work together to secure that all the Nordic Countries do well in OL og VM
  • Contribute by NKF sponsor contracts who can benefit each country if desired.
  • Work together towards recruitment in our profession and organisations through and with our Young Chef members
  • Secure that Nordic competitions always develop and become an attractive competition to take part in.
  • Develope Nordic Chefs Assiociation congress to be a great congress with discussions and solutions
  • Encrease NKFs popularity
  • Be professional
  • Updated and active Facebook and web pages
  • Write about what we do in our magasines/news letters
  • Promote our NKF congress and competitions active in each country
  • Show that we are united on international arenas
  • Use our logo active when we are together.


  • Work active with and trough the Nordic Young Chef
  • Find arenas where we can work together on recruitment


  • Be united on the competition arenas
  • Cheer for each other
  • Have professional arenas
  • Work to get publicity
  • Have good social arrangements around the competitions (Nordic competitions, World chefs’ competitons, VM in Luxembourg, OL in Erfurt)


  • Secure that our sponsors get something back and are pleased.

«NKF has young, old and middelaged members. Together we are strong»

NKF Culinary Comitte

  • Always be present in Nordic competitions to secure that everything is correct
  • Have Nordic guidelines to secure what is their responsebility

Code of Conduct: