Past Nordic Chef Competitions

Nordic Green Chef, Nordic Junior Chef, Nordic Chef and Nordic Waitor Competitions was held during the NKF Congress in HELL 1st, 2nd and 3rd of june 2023.


Nordic Green Chef

  1. Nils Flatmark, Sindre Hjelmseth, Norway
  2. Karl Emil Van Ingen, Michael Nörtoft, Denmark
  3. Tobias Lundgren, Carl Böhrens, Sweden


Nordic Junior Chef

  1. Håvard Onsøyen; Norway
  2. Jakob Persson, Sweden
  3. Karl Emil Van Ingen, Denmark


Nordic Waiter

  1. 1. Dennis Stal Blok, Denmark
  2. Joonas Heino, Finland
  3. Magne Gaut, Norway


Nordic Senior Chef

  1. Michael Nørtoft, Denmark
  2. Siriyaporn Rithisirikrerg, Norway
  3. Runar Pierre Heriveaux, Iceland


Over all winner

Norway Junior – Håvard Onsøye

Nordic Green Chef, Nordic Junior Chef, Nordic Chef and Nordic Waitor Competitions were held 2022 in

Herning , Denmark

Competitions were held in Herning Denmark 28.-29.3.2022. Results for the competitions;

Nordic Junior:

1. Iceland

2. Norway

3. Sweden

Nordic Senior:

1. Norway

2. Iceland

3. Denmark

Nordic Green Chef:

1. Norway

2. Iceland

3. Denmark

Nordic Waitor:

1. Denmark

2. Norway

3. Finland

Nordic overall:


Nordic Team Chefs / Waitor:


Congratulations to all teams for good performance and high level competition!

Nordic Green Chef competition

On monday the 28th of march 2022 the first Nordic Green chef  will be arranged in Herning in Denmark

The focus will be on green ingredients, with main emphasis on the Nordic vegetables and fruits. Two participants from each Nordic country will participate in this exciting and new competition.

Each country will send a chef and a junior chef. The task to solve is the same for both, but they will be assessed on slightly different criteria, says Dennis Rafn vice President in Nordics Chefs Association (NCA) and responsible for the competition

We believe this competition will be an important source of inspiration for the Nordic chefs and we hope this will lead to an increased use of fruit and vegetables in everyone’s diet. Our goal is more greens used on the plate, not only in restaurants, but in the entire catering industry.

The Nordic chefs are trendsetters, they spread inspiration, knowledge, and enthusiasm, and will hopefully contribute to increased recruitment to the culinary profession, says Toril Gulbrandsen enthusiastically, one of the initiators of the competition.

2021 is the UN's international fruit and vegetable year

The UN has chosen the year 2021 as the international fruit and vegetable year. It is a good timing to take the competition out of the country and make it bigger, says Kristine Hartviksen, Nordic Chefs Association (NCA) President.

We need to eat more plant-based foods if we want a sustainable food industry which can feed the entire world’s population in the long run. By inspiring chefs and other food enthusiasts throughout the Nordic region to use more greens, the competition will contribute to more greens on the plate and to achieving the UN's sustainability goals.

Nordic Green Chef

The competition is organized by the Nordic Chefs Association (NCA) in collaboration with the Danish Chef Association, following the model of the Norwegian model “Green Chef of the Year competition”, previously organized eight times by the Norwegian Chefs' National Association in collaboration with the Norwegian Fruit and Vegetables Marketing Board.

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